The ONE - 100

The ONE 100 is a way that you can give to the ONE Change to help with the work that we do.  We would not be able to provide the services and support that we do – at no charge to the community – without the financial support of our community and partners.

You want to make a real difference in our community, but:

·        Your life is too busy, or you’re already overextended

·        You have no time to volunteer

·        You want to create real change in the North End

·        You want to donate to programs but also want to know that it’s making a difference


The ONE – 100 is founded on the same principles of the 100 People Who Care giving model, except rather than restricting membership to only women or only men, we are all-inclusive and include families, local business and organizational membership.  A diverse group of people from every walk of life and background who meet four times each year for an hour to learn about the work of the ONE Change – A grass roots organization and service provider addressing issues of poverty, unemployment, poor health lack of education and social isolation in the North End of Saint John.

·        We meet 4 times a year and talk about how your resources are impacting the lives of Children and Families in the Old North End.

·        Commitments are offered at 3 levels:


·        Family: $25/4 times a year

·        Gold: $100/4 times a year

·        Platinum: $250/4 times a year


Platinum Sponsors will have a Room at the Centre or specific Program named for them.

·        All sponsors will be on the ONE Sponsorship Wall in the Lobby of the Nick Nicolle Centre

·        Charitable receipts will be issued to all sponsors for income tax purposes.