A New Program for Youth Aged 15-30

Are you interested in a career in Community Development and Leadership � helping others or perhaps Technology

Mentoring � supporting kids in creative learning through technology?

Do you want to build your skills through an NBCC delivered training at the Nick Nicolle Community Centre?

Would you like to secure employment working in the community helping others?

ONE Future � a program funded by the Government of Canada�s Youth Employment and Skills Strategy (YESS), and

offered in partnership with the Province of New Brunswick, New Brunswick Community College and Brilliant Labs

may be just what you are looking for.

A new program for unemployed/low-income youth aged 15-30. This is a great opportunity to get real training from

the New Brunswick Community College (NBCC) and secure employment in Saint John.

What makes you a good candidate?

Commitment: This is a key factor. Your commitment must be apparent. This will be a demanding program but the rewards are great.

Interest working with Children and Community combined with a love of learning: The majority of your time will be spent in class or on the

Job Training.

Applicants must have: a criminal reference check and vulnerable persons check. This is because you will be completing work placements and will be working with vulnerable children and adults.

The 42-week program will consist of:

� Twelve (12) weeks of training in either Technology Mentoring or Community Development leadership combined with 12 weeks of

Workplace Essential Skills Training. This will be provided by NBCC and WES. During this period, you will be in class 6 hours a day. (for

those in receipt of Income Assistance � we will top up to equivalent of $11.75 hour) for those not in receipt of Income Assistance we

will provide $11.75 per hour training stipend.

� Up to 30 weeks on the job training at various workplaces within Community organizations.

� Placements are paid ($11.75 per hour)

� Other supports are available and will be discussed during the intake process (e.g. bus pass, child care, etc.)

To Learn more about this great opportunity please call, email or visit:

Location: Nick Nicolle Community Centre 85 Durham Street

Email: onefuture.onec@gmail.com or Call: (506) 658-2980

The ONE Change, the Government of Canada�s YESS, NBCC, and PETL have partnered to offer participants an educational program that will provide the initial course work in one of two streams (Community Development or Technology Mentoring) through the NB Community

College. Participants will also work on their Workplace Essential Skills training which focuses on the essential skills necessary for the jobs.

Upon successful completion of the program, participants will have a variety of employment opportunities available to them through the

Community as well as have the opportunity to pursue further post-secondary education through NBCC or other programs.

NBCC Course Descriptions: Introduction to Community Development - This course provides the participants an introduction to the

meaning of community service and the fundamental knowledge to become a community leader. It explores the concepts of leadership

and community leadership. identifies community leadership skills and explores the qualities of successful leadership enhances their

understanding of civic responsibility.

 Introduction to Technology Mentorship - Makerspaces are places where people with shared interests, especially in computing and technology, can gather to work on projects while sharing ideas, equipment and knowledge. Brilliant Labs employs fixed or mobile makerspaces, and pop-up labs in schools to offer a wide range of technologies for students to explore their own interests and passions; develop creative projects; learn how to use materials and tools � both physical and virtual; and develop their coding skills and digital competencies.  Combined with technology- and project-based learning, innovation and an entrepreneurial mindset, makerspaces are powerful.