1.     The Celebrations Team is a committee that works to provide social community pride events for the residents of the Old North End.  It is responsible to plan, organize, and deliver a yearly calendar of parties, festivals, and community pride events.  Such events will engage resident involvement, determine resident interest, and deliver fun & educational events in the Old North End.  If you are interested in helping with this team, please contact Christa Petts.


2.     The Health Team is a committee that strives to determine health needs of residents of the Old North End and devise solutions to meet these needs using a Population Health approach to health and wellness issues.  It is responsible to engage with residents with the intent of understanding the challenges, barriers, and needs residents have in the area of health and wellness.  It will also collect and analyze health data to identify trends and issues that require interventions.  Where appropriate such analysis will lead to develop delivery models or advocate for remedies in identified areas.


3.     The Housing and Environment Team is a committee tasked with investigating issues related to community infrastructure, most notable surrounding substandard housing.  It is responsible to determine issues affecting the quality of life of residents, prepare plans to address identified issues, and examine best practices in the area of housing.


4.     The Community Centre Program Management Team is to act on behalf of The ONE Change Inc. Board of Directors as a governance and professional support committee for the NNCC.  It is responsible for NNCC priority setting, to conduct performance reviews for the centre director, to develop centre policies, and for financial & budgetary management.


5.     The Fundraising Team is tasked to ensure the financial sustainability of The ONE Change Inc.  It is responsible to determine viable internal fundraising events and working with other teams to host a yearly, innovative fundraiser.  It will also explore opportunities for grant submissions to government, corporate, and philanthropic funders.


6.     The Education Team examines community needs for education and training for all Old North End residents including, but not limited to, early childhood programs, area school supports, parenting programs, life skills, and job training skills.  It is responsible to determine needs, priorities, and gaps in education and training programs; to examine barriers to education completion; to develop programs or recruit existing programs to the Old North End; and, communicate needs to appropriate organizations (such as the community centre).



7.     The Policy Committee will review the policies of The ONE Change Inc. on a yearly basis, one month prior to the Annual General Meeting.  It is responsible to review policies; to recommend amendments to existing policies, when appropriate; and, to recommend new policies to the Board of Directors.