Since the North End Community Centre was renamed a lot of people have been asking who Nick Nicolle was. We all must remember this man and his accomplishments. Nick was the first Director of Recreation for the Amalgamated City of Saint John in 1967. He would fit in well today as he believed in investing in neighborhoods. During his time as Director, Community Centres, parks, and rinks were constructed in all areas of the city. One of those was the North End Centre which was built in 1979.


Nick was also a star athlete and is in the Saint John Sports Hall of Fame. He's remembered as a family man and church member. Nick's achievements have meant a great deal to generations of Saint John residents.

Guiding Principles

Community Engagement and Involvement

The Centre promotes community engagement and participation in activities and decisions that facilitate the well-being of community life and are at the centre of our successful community development efforts.

Recognition of all our Community Assets

The Centre recognizes the inherent resources, skills and capacities of all our Community Members. Community Members are the organization�s most valuable contributors and their involvement and participation is strongly encouraged at every level.



The Centre promotes an environment of respect for all. Centre programs, services and communications will be respectful and inclusive.

Integrity and Accountability

The Centre ensures accountability to community members, funders and partners through responsible fiscal planning processes. Centre programs, services and activities are regularly evaluated through a variety of assessment tools and performance indicators


The Centre encourages volunteer involvement at all levels within the organization.  Volunteers actively participate at all levels of the organization from direct service program support to governance and have a direct impact on the quality of services offered.